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    ✧ house used: treehouse
    ✧ total spent: 19

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    0:00 – blue wednesday & felty – caffeine
    0:38 – fcj w/ alys – i know
    3:22 – jordy chandra & frad – after the rain
    5:35 – rook1e, snoozegod, alys – weekends with you
    7:37 – sarcastic sounds – it’s ok to cry
    9:18 – hikaru station – seafoam
    11:43 – bassti – i’m sad
    14:06 – emilee – heaven
    16:39 – lukrembo – biscuit
    18:34 – milky day – feeling blue

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    Q: can you help build my home?
    A: sorry i can’t currently, i’ve been busy generating youtube videos as well as grinding for cash to use towards my next videos. as much as i would love to allow you to all, it wouldn’t be fair if i chose specific people over differents, i hope you guys understand! ♡

    Q: can i add you?
    A: currently i’m not accepting friends request because there’s a limit to the list as well as it wouldn’t be fair to add certain people over differents! even whenever i’m filming i don’t wish the possibility of people teleporting to me constantly, hope you all understand♡

    Q: can i copy your build?
    A: of course it is possible to, that is what i make these videos for! just make sure you give credit whenever asked♡ it’s important to not claim things as your own because we have always toolreciate the hard work people put into developing stuff!

    Q: what do you use to edit as well as record your videos?
    A: currently i use movavi 2020 to edit as well as OBS to record, for my intro as well as outro i use the website canva!

    Q: why is your name Arisu on youtube?
    A: Arisu is Alice in japanese!


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