Classes Canceled Thursday, December 14th due to snow day closing of public schools.

Dynamic Tae Kwon Do - Ann Arbor Martial Arts-Leader in Korean Martial Arts Home // Dynamic Tae Kwon Do - Ann Arbor Martial Arts-Leader in Korean Martial Arts

Dynamic Tae Kwon Do

Our Dynamic Tae Kwon Do Class means we get down to business.  This class is designed for older students and those seeking to earn their black belts.

This dynamic program focuses Tae Kwon Do in a way that emphasizes a healthy body and mind.  Students learn traditional Tae Kwon Do, along with dynamic kicking, board breaking, physical and mental development–all areas that are fun to learn and at the same time dramatically enhance the abilities of each student physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Students learn the high-energy kicks of Tae Kwon Do.  The Taeguek Forms are taught (a requirement for black belt).  Students are prepared for sparring and when ready are invited to sparring class.  Competing is always an option that begins with our in-school tournament.

In today’s society, we are faced with many sources of influence, both healthy and unhealthy.  From family, friends, and acquaintances to school, work, or social interaction, there are many ways to pick up poor habits. The problem is, once unhealthy habits are built up, it is much harder to change them.

The problem is finding the right activity with the right environment to nourish these skills in an effective and productive manner.  The solution is to become involved in an activity such as martial arts, where positive development is reinforced and encourage each class!

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