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Welcome to Ann Arbor Martial Arts, the Leader in Korean Martial Arts Instruction in Ann Arbor
Highly Trained Staff, Results-Driven Curriculum, Quality Guarantee
Edu-tainment...Master Candice playing before competing at USAT Nationals in Austin, Texas
Quality Training, Exciting Adventures, Fun and Entertaining...And much, much more.
Family Training where positive development is reinforced and encouraged each day.
Competition Team
Each of our programs are AGE-SPECIFIC to target the stages of development of each student.

Tae Kwon Do

Dynamic kicking, sparring (kyorugi), forms (poomsae), and power breaking

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Hap Ki Do

Powerful, self-defense, Korean martial art

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Korean Sword



Ann Arbor Martial Arts is the Leader in Korean Martial Arts in Ann Arbor.  Professional. Experienced. Well-Qualified. Family-Oriented.


Our Prices


$20 /2 weeks
  • unlimited Tae Kwon Do / Hap Ki Do classes
  • pants, t-shirt, and belt included
  • age-appropriate programs
  • meet our martial arts’ family
  • registration fee waived


$60 /month
  • Korean sword
  • learn basic strikes and blocks
  • advance to sword forms
  • experience the excitement
  • bokken provided for class if needed

What Our Students Say

  • I have been training in the martial arts for over 36 years, the last 15 of which have been at A2 Martial Arts.¬† It is an excellent school and Master Wainwright is a great instructor, a 6th Degree Black Belt who is actually on the floor leading every class.¬† There is a very welcoming environment and nice camaraderie amongst the students, and I would recommend to anyone who may be interested to come and watch or participate in a class to try it.
    Dave Skaff
  • Outstanding training, instructors, and atmosphere. Great for kids and adults. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get their kids into martial arts, or train themselves.
    Chris Bolash
  • This is by far the best training experience I've had. Very open and supportive. I encourage anyone who's interested in trying Martial Arts, or restarting after a break to jump into A2 Martial Arts. Great place!
    John Herlocher


Exciting Events

Fun Fitness Day
Fun Fitness Day
Competition Team
Competition Team
Birthday Party
Birthday Party